About Us

Welcome to Trip Over Life.

We are Sara and Michael. Just like everyone else, we’re stumbling our way through life and strive to live it to its fullest.Β 

We started traveling together in 2010 with a brief trip to South East Asia.

In 2014 we left our fancy real-world jobs for a few months of international travel.

Upon returning to the United States we purchased a 1988 Dodge Xplorer camper van named Dan and set-out to see the beauty of the United States and Canada. And then decided to do it again in 2016.

We still enjoy international travel and visited the Azores and Madeira (both autonomous regions of Portugal) in 2017. In September 2018 we had an epic time on a 2 week camper van trip in Iceland as well as onΒ the beaches of Sardinia.

Read the travel blog, view our travel photos, and share in our journey.Β