Canyon de Chelly National Monument

2016 Road Trip Recap

Follow the whole road trip chronologically using the 2016 Road Trip tag or check out a few select posts along the way: Start on departure day andā€¦ Drive through Appalachia starting in Shenandoah National Park, traversing the Blue Ridge Parkway, and ending in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Take in the sights and sounds of

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2016 Road Trip Statistics

Number of days on the road: 121 Number of miles driven: 13,728 (all within the United States) Number of states visited in the USA: 26 Number of World Heritage Sites we marveled at: 6 (subset of purple markers) Number of National Park System Properties we marveled at: 35 (purple markers) Number of breweries we drank

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C is for Canyon de Chelly and Chaco Culture

May 29 – 31, 2016: After Petrified Forest National Park we headed north in Arizona to Canyon de Chelly National Monument. The canyons within the monument have been home to people for nearly 5,000 years and, even today, someĀ Navajo people call this home; many families still live, farm, and raise livestock within the canyons.

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