A Small Taste of Wyoming Beauty

June 20 – 22, 2016: Departing Colorado, we headed north into Wyoming and stayed at the Vedawoo Campground in the Medicine Bow National Forest that was surrounded by large rock formations that were similar to Joshua Tree National Park.

Very cool. Also, bonus points for cell service which allowed us to catch up on some research and work.

The next day we headed towards Lander, Wyoming as a waypoint on our drive to Grand Teton National Park. We lucked out again and stayed a night at another beautiful campground: Popo Agie Campground within Sinks Canyon State Park. The prominent feature in the park is “The Sinks” and “The Rise”. Here a river flows through the canyon in the park and then disappears underground (the “sink”). It reappears further down the canyon (the “rise”). The distance above ground is measured as one quarter of a mile and the rushing water should only take a few minutes to cover this distance underground. However, dye tests have shown that the water takes over two hours to make the journey from the “sink” to the “rise”.


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