Stroll the Venice Canal Historic District in Venice, California.

An afternoon in Venice: Venice Canal Historic District and Venice Beach Skate Park

The Venice area of Los Angeles, California is often associated with Venice Beach and Venice Boardwalk. Yet, Venice has a quirky history that includes an attempt at replicating the canals of Venice, Italy as well as serving as the birthplace of modern skateboarding.

Venice Canal Historic District

Just steps away from Venice Beach is the lesser-known Venice Canal Historic District.

In 1905 a developer dug man-made canals in an attempt to recreate Venice, Italy in Southern California. Most of the canals have since been filled in to make room for roads. But, six canals remain. There are four east-west canals (Carroll Canal, Linnie Canal, Howland Canal, and Sherman Canal) and two north-south canals (Eastern Canal and Grand Canal).

Enjoy a stroll on the paths lining the canals. The surrounding homes are a mix of older bungalows and new modern homes. I love the bungalows.

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Venice Beach Skatepark

This article describes the transformation in Venice that contributed to the formation of the Z-Boys competition skate team in the 1970s. Watch this engaging documentary to learn more:Skateboarders are pretty rad.

Venice Eats

Eggslut has been making noise across the United States with their egg sandwiches. Contrived in Los Angeles, there’s a Venice location.

No snack pairs better with the beach then some ice cream. Do some window shopping on Abbot Kinney Boulevard and stop by Salt & Straw for some crazy good unique flavors.

Where is this Venice?

There is no need to travel to Italy to stroll the Venice Canal. Stroll the streets of Venice, including the Venice Canal Historic District, and watch skateboarders in Los Angeles, California.

Use the map below to explore points of interest:

March 9, 2018

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