Back in the U.S.A.: Seattle, Washington

October 11 – 13, 2014: I really was disappointed that we didn’t get out to Vancouver Island and the San Juan Islands, however, the weather conditions combined with the unexpected amount of time already spent in Canada pushed us back into the United States.

So, we’ll look at this as a reason to come back in the future.

Before departing Vancouver, Camper Dan was pampered with an oil change and radiator fluid change. The technique was interesting, we didn’t even get out of Camper Dan and the fluids were changed via a cut-out in the floor below the vehicle. I’ve never seen this before and it makes a lot of sense.

Back in the United States, we’re exploring Seattle – a city that neither of us has ever visited before. We did the typical tourist thing – walking through Pikes Place Market, visiting the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum, and venturing to the top of the Space Needle.

The EMP Museum holds science fiction artifacts from movies and has large exhibits dedicated to alternative music such as Jimi Hendricks and Nirvana. I’m not a huge sci-fi or alternative music fan but it was put together well and still captivated my attention. The building itself was beautiful and designed by architect Frank Gehry. My favorite part of the day was walking from Pikes Place Market to the EMP Museum where we encountered the Olympic Sculpture Park. I absolutely love sculpture gardens and this was perfect. It was just the right size for a small diversion and holds pieces from famous artists such as Richard Serra and Alexander Calder. I highly recommend taking a stroll through this park. While in Seattle we had dinner at The Pike Brewing Company in the Pikes Place Market area.

We probably didn’t spend enough time in Seattle to appreciate the local culture but we just weren’t loving it. Onward we go.


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