Birthday Fun (or not)

September 22, 2014: Today was Michael’s birthday. Unfortunately it wasn’t so festive. Our initial plan, before Camper Dan landed in the garage, was to have departed Calgary yesterday or today and spend Michael’s birthday in the mountains somewhere. 

Instead we checked out of the hotel and waited for the garage to open and call us about Camper Dan. We drank at Craft while waiting for the call. The short of it was that the garage wasn’t willing to drop the fuel tank and, despite their efforts, was unable to find another garage willing to take on the work. We decided to contact Camper Dan’s previous owner to see what he thought. He was very helpful and shared that he believed it was the fuel pump. He had already had the fuel lines replaced and the tank dropped. Bingo – super useful information! Our game plan then became to pick up Camper Dan in the morning, purchase a new fuel pump and Michael would replace it himself in our friends’ driveway. We booked a night at a less expensive Calgary hotel and had dinner at Local on 8th Avenue. We’ll have to postpone the mountain birthday celebration.


  • unmemorable downtown Calgary hotel

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