Icefields Parkway & Jasper National Park

September 30 – October 2, 2014: After completing the Glacier Skywalk at Athabasca Glacier, we continued north on the Icefields Parkway towards Jasper with stops along the way at various viewpoints – Tangle Falls, Sunwapta Falls (Sunwapta is another glacier in the area), Mount Kerkeslin and Athabasca Falls.

Athabasca Falls was the most impressive of these stops; there were a number of paths that allowed for views of the falls, and canyons and potholes that were naturally made over hundreds of years from glacial movement.

Our last stop of the day was at Whistle Stop Pub in Jasper for some dinner before retiring to our campsite in Jasper National Park. We did see a few elk on our drive to the campsite. It is elk mating season, during which they can be quite aggressive, but we were able to snap a few photos of their enormous antlers.

Whilst in Jasper National Park, we did a hike called the Valley of the Five Lakes hike. It has this name because along the 4.5km loop you view five distinct lakes, each having a different hue of blue or green due to their varying depths. We also hung out in town at the local laundromat before having an early dinner at Jasper Brewing Company (seemed to be the same as Banff Brewing Company).


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