Iceland Itinerary – Day 10 – Grjótagjá Cave, Hverfjall, Dimmuborgir, Goðafoss, Akureyri

Grjótagjá Cave

This post focuses on Day 10 (Grjótagjá Cave, Hverfjall, Dimmuborgir, Goðafoss, Akureyri) of our Ultimate Itinerary for 2 Weeks / 14 Days in Iceland.

If you’ve just starting planning for your vacation or holiday in Iceland, check out our Iceland planning and resources post.

NOTE: Our itinerary outlines activities and drive times. Everybody has different eating habits so stop for groceries and food as needed. Picnic areas are suggested when extraordinary, otherwise eat where and when you want. We rarely ate out and instead enjoyed yogurt and fruit for breakfast, prepared quick lunches and snacks throughout the day, and cooked a hot meal every evening at the campground.

Iceland Itinerary Day 10 Summary

Activity Time Allocation Notes
Mývatn / Bjarg Campground accommodation
Drive 5 min
Grjótagjá Cave 30 min
Drive 10 min
Hverfjall 1 hr
Drive 10 min
Dimmuborgir 1 hr
Drive 45 min
Goðafoss 30 min
Drive 45 min
Akureyri 1 – 1 ½ hrs
Drive 2 hrs
Hofsós Campground accommodation 1300 ISK per person including showers
Total = ~ 8 ½ hrs


Iceland Itinerary Day 10 Details

Day 10 Activities

Grjótagjá Cave

Today is a relaxed day but we’re in a popular tourist area. We recommend heading out around 8:00 to avoid dealing with a large tourist group at the small space that is Grjótagjá Cave. Grjótagjá Cave is a picturesque, peaceful cave containing thermal water.

FUN FACT: Although Grjótagjá Cave was featured in a hot scene (pun intended!) of Season 3 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones it is no longer safe to bathe in the hot spring within the cave.


Hverfjall is a 10 minute drive from Grjótagjá Cave. Hverfjall is a cone formed by a volcanic eruption and offers spectacular views of the Mývatn Nature Baths, Mývatn lake and the town of Mývatn from the rim. Ascending to the rim takes approximately 15 minutes via a steep path. It is possible to walk around the rim but we suggest simply taking in the view from the top and spending an hour at Hverfjall in total.

TIP: New toilet facilities (200 ISK) are located here.


Dimmuborgir, a large area filled with lava fields, is a 10 minute drive from Hverfjall.

FUN FACT: The Norwegian black metal band, Dimmu Borgir, is named after this Icelandic area. The name means “dark castle”.

Spend an hour at Dimmuborgir strolling through the lava fields to view volcanic caves and unique rock formations. We recommend the 2.4km Church Circle loop trail. This path will wind past the most famous formation: Kirkja (church). You’ll see why it has this name.

FUN FACT: The rock formations are remnants of a lava lake that once existed in this location. The tallest rock formations are approximately 10 meters, hence the lake was at least 10 meters in depth.  

TIP: A souvenir shop and toilet facilities (200 ISK) are located here.


Our next stop, Goðafoss, is a 45 minute drive from Dimmuborgir. Goðafoss is located right on the ring road so you won’t miss it.

This waterfall has a special place in Icelandic history. It is said that in the year 1000, after a meeting at Þingvellir, a lawspeaker threw his statues of Norse gods into these falls near his home upon deciding that Christianity would become the official religion of Iceland.

Admire Goðafoss – waterfall of the Gods – for 30 minutes before moving on.


Akureyri is a 45 minute drive from Goðafoss and is the second largest urban area in Iceland.

We suggest spending 1 – 1 ½ hours in Akureyri stocking up on groceries, walking along the harbour, or sightseeing. However, this is the last stop of the day (with a 2 hour drive ahead of you) so spend as much time as you’d like.

TIP: We ate soft serve ice cream at Brynja. The ice cream is made with milk, not cream, and was supposed to be legendary. We didn’t think it was anything to write home about.

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Day 10 Accommodation

Hofsós Campground

It’s a 2 hour drive, taking the longer northern route, from Akureyri to Hofsós Campground. You’ll drive through three tunnels, ranging from 4 km to 7 km in length. Crazy!

Hofsós Campground is selected as our accommodation for the evening because of its location nearby the award-winning Hofsós community pool.

TIP: Check the hours of the community pool (Sundlaugin á Hofsósi). Our itinerary takes us there tomorrow morning, Day 11, but you may prefer to go this evening if the timing works out.

In addition to its proximity to the pool, Hofsós Campground is a tranquil campground with a large grassy field and views of a nearby mountain. There are three toilets and one shower as well as a large outdoor camping sink. Hofsós Campground costs 1300 ISK per person and includes showers.

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Iceland Itinerary Day 10 Map

Day 10 covers points 43 – 47 on the map layer Our 2 Week / 14 Day Itinerary.

Other layers include additional points of interest, accommodation (camping and hotel), and dining/groceries. Most of these points have a description and a link for more information.

September 11 – 12, 2018

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