Iceland Itinerary – Day 14 – Faxi, Reykjavík, The Blue Lagoon

The Sun Voyager sculpture, Reykjavík

This post focuses on the final day (Day 14: Faxi, Reykjavík, and The Blue Lagoon) of our Ultimate Itinerary for 2 Weeks / 14 Days in Iceland.

If you’ve just starting planning for your vacation or holiday in Iceland, check out our Iceland planning and resources post.

NOTE: Our itinerary outlines activities and drive times. Everybody has different eating habits so stop for groceries and food as needed. Picnic areas are suggested when extraordinary, otherwise eat where and when you want. We rarely ate out and instead enjoyed yogurt and fruit for breakfast, prepared quick lunches and snacks throughout the day, and cooked a hot meal every evening at the campground.

Iceland Itinerary Day 14 Summary

Activity Time Allocation Notes
Skjòl Campground accommodation
Drive 15 min
Faxi 15 min
Drive 1 ½ hrs
Reykjavík 6 – 7 hrs Familiarize yourself with parking regulations and fees
Drive 45 min
The Blue Lagoon 3 – 4 hrs 59 USD per person entrance fee (starting price). Must book in advance.
Drive 10 min
Grindavik Campground accommodation 1800 ISK per person
Total = ~ 12 – 13 hrs


Iceland Itinerary Day 14 Details

Sadly this is the last full day of our 2 Weeks / 14 Days Iceland itinerary. Today we’ll spend time doing more typical tourist activities: walking around Reykjavík and soaking in The Blue Lagoon. Tomorrow you’ll clean your camper and head to the airport.

NOTE: Read about our experience with Kuku Campers here.

Day 14 Activities


Our last quick waterfall stop in Iceland is located a short 15 minute drive from the Skjòl Campground.

Faxi may not be as amazing as some of the cascades we’ve seen over the past two weeks but it’s small and scenic nonetheless. Spend 15 minutes admiring the falls.

TIP: A cafe is located next to Faxi.


Downtown Reykjavík is 1 ½ hours from Faxi.

TIP: Parking in Reykjavík can be difficult to find. Read the information on Reykjavík parking zones in our Iceland Planning & Resources post.

One of the less expensive parking zones is conveniently located near the tourist attractions of the Harpa Concert Hall and the The Sun Voyager sculpture.

TIP: Free public restrooms are located in the Harpa Concert Hall.

Reykjavík offers a lot of different cultural and dining opportunities. See the map below for various Points of Interest. Spend the day however you wish but don’t forget to visit the famous Hallgrímskirkja church that symbolizes mountains and glaciers with its hexagonal columnar basalt (like we observed at Reynisfjara Beach, Svartifoss, and Hengifoss).

The Blue Lagoon

After enjoying a day in Reykjavík, our last experience was quintessential Iceland tourism: The Blue Lagoon.

TIP: Pre-booking online is mandatory. Per person costs start at 59 USD with many optional add-ons available.

We planned for this to be our last Icelandic experience and booked an evening time slot of 18:00.

By now you’ll have (hopefully) visited one or more public pools/hot springs and are familiar with the etiquette and rules. Unfortunately, we observed most tourists (that’s who is here!) not following any of the hygiene rules, such as showering without a swimsuit before entering the pool area. Don’t be that person please.

We enjoyed our soak in The Blue Lagoon and time in the saunas; but the weather was extremely windy and rainy so no photos to share. Anyways, there are plenty online already. 🙂

And, regrettably, this brings us to the end of our activities in Iceland. We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we did.

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Day 14 Accommodation

Grindavik Campground

Our final night is spent at Grindavik Campground, a ten minute drive from The Blue Lagoon and twenty minutes to Keflavik International Airport.

The campground has a very large indoor kitchen with ample supplies left-over from campers ending their journey at Grindavik Campground. Gender-separated restrooms can be found across the parking lot from the main facility building.

A campsite at Grindavik Campground costs 1800 ISK per person.

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Iceland Itinerary Day 14 Map

Day 14 covers points 67 – 71 on the map layer Our 2 Week / 14 Day Itinerary.

Other layers include additional points of interest, accommodation (camping and hotel), and dining/groceries. Most of these points have a description and a link for more information.

September 15 – 16, 2018

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