Iceland Itinerary – Day 7 – Stokksnes, Djúpavogskörin hot pot, Fardagafoss, Hengifoss, Seydisfjordur


This post focuses on Day 7 (Stokksnes, Djúpavogskörin hot pot, Fardagafoss, Hengifoss, Seydisfjordur) of our Ultimate Itinerary for 2 Weeks / 14 Days in Iceland.

If you’ve just starting planning for your vacation or holiday in Iceland, check out our Iceland planning and resources post.

NOTE: Our itinerary outlines activities and drive times. Everybody has different eating habits so stop for groceries and food as needed. Picnic areas are suggested when extraordinary, otherwise eat where and when you want. We rarely ate out and instead enjoyed yogurt and fruit for breakfast, prepared quick lunches and snacks throughout the day, and cooked a hot meal every evening at the campground.

Iceland Itinerary Day 7 Summary

Activity Time Allocation Note
Haukafell Campground accommodation
Drive 45 min
Stokksnes 1 hr 800 ISK per person entrance fee
Drive 1 ¼ hrs
Djúpavogskörin hot pot 1 hr
Drive 1 ½ – 2 hrs
Fardagafoss 45 min
Drive 30 min
Hengifoss 2 ½ hrs
Drive 45 min
Seydisfjordur TBD No time allocation included in total
Seydisfjordur Campground accommodation 1600 ISK per person; 100 ISK per 30 second shower
Total = ~ 9 ½ hrs


Iceland Itinerary Day 7 Details

Day 7 Activities


Stokksnes is viewpoint located on private land that is renowned for its amazing mountain views, especially spectacular at sunrise. The land owner charges 800 ISK per person admission.

Unfortunately, due to weather, we skipped this activity. But, if the weather is clear, Stokksnes is an approximately 45 minute drive from Haukafell Campground. Send us some photos!

Djúpavogskörin hot pot

Since we skipped Stokksnes we slept in and enjoyed the warmth of our sleeping bags for an extra hour or two. When we arrived at the picturesque Djúpavogskörin hot pot it was already occupied by a large group of people so we kept it moving. The hot pot is about an hour and 15 minutes from Stokksnes. Send us photos from the tub!


After driving for another 1 ½ – 2 hours, you’ll arrive at Fardagafoss. You can choose between taking the ring road or the roads winding through the fingers of the fjords.

TIP: The town of Egilsstaðir, en route to Fardagafoss, is a good stop for supplies.  

Spend 45 minutes and have a picnic lunch at Fardagafoss.


Drive a short 30 minutes to the next waterfall of Hengifoss. Take your time and leisurely climb 2.5km along the gorge to the base of Hengifoss. During the hike you’ll pass another waterfall – Litlanesfoss – that is flanked by basalt columns, similar to Svartifoss. Stop at the viewpoints along the way for different perspectives of the falls.

Hengifoss is notable for its red striations: layers of red clay sandwiched between layers of basalt.

NOTE: Please take heed of the signs at the top and do not pass further than allowed.

Spend a total of 2 ½ hours at Hengifoss.   


Yet again the weather foiled our plans to check-out amazing views. The entire 45 minute drive through the mountain pass from Hengifoss to the town of Seydisfjordur is supposed to be breathtaking. We just saw fog. Sad face. Send us your photos from the drive and the Mt. Bjolfur viewpoint!

Seydisfjordur is an artsy harbour town and a good place for a stroll. Consider doing this now if the weather is nice, otherwise you’ll have some time tomorrow morning.

TIP: Check out our Day 8 post for information on visiting the Tvisöngur sound sculpture near Seydisfjordur.

Since our weather was lousy and we arrived a bit earlier than anticipated we decided to treat ourselves to an early dinner out on the town at Kaffi Lara / El Grillo Bar (located across the street from the campground).


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Day 7 Accommodation

Seydisfjordur Campground

Seydisfjordur Campground is located in downtown Seydisfjordur. Camping is in, or next to, a gravel lot in the rear. This campground has a large indoor kitchen area. Attached to the kitchen area is an outdoor camping sink and two gender-segregated bathrooms, each containing two toilets and two showers. There are also two on-site bays for car washing.

TIP: Seydisfjordur Campground is on the camping card.

Without the camping card, camping at Seydisfjordur Campground costs 1600 ISK per per person and showers are an additional 100 ISK per 30 seconds of hot water.

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Iceland Itinerary Day 7 Map

Day 7 covers points 29 – 31 on the map layer Our 2 Week / 14 Day Itinerary.

Other layers include additional points of interest, accommodation (camping and hotel), and dining/groceries. Most of these points have a description and a link for more information.

September 8 – 9, 2018

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