Los Angeles, California

November 13 – 17, 2014: After departing Joshua Tree National Park we made our way to the Los Angeles area to spend a few days with family and friends. 

We had a fantastic time meeting new family members and catching up with old friends.

The only somewhat touristic activity we did was visit The Getty Museum. Neither of us particularly enjoyed the artwork as it was primarily old masters (not our taste) and a special Ruben exhibit. However, the building and landscaping was beautiful.

We also had Camper Dan checked out for an oil leak. We ended up having the valve cover gasket replaced but we also found out that the rear main seal requires a repair. Due to the high cost we didn’t have that repair performed at this time though. When we went to pick-up Camper Dan, he wasn’t yet ready so we walked around the neighborhood and even found a small brewery to have a beer – MacLeod Ale Brewing Company.

We left the Los Angeles area in the evening and drove two hours to Ricardo Campsite in Red Rock Canyon State Park. It was a primitive campsite with no hookups and, as we’d find when we woke up the next morning, a very similar landscape to Joshua Tree National Park.


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