Sweet Savannah

December 30, 2011 – January 2, 2012: Michael and I booked, on December 19th,  a last minute trip to Savannah, Georgia for New Years Eve.

I have wanted to visit the coastal cities of Savannah and Charleston, South Carolina; but not enough to schedule a full week off from work to make the trip. This was the perfect opportunity and we had a fantastic time!

We only had two full days and stayed within the city limits. Did you know that Savannah was the first planned city in the United States? You can spend hours walking through the streets, squares, and cemeteries, gazing at the statues and trees with Spanish moss.

Since it was New Years when we visited, there were activities that we couldn’t partake in because of the holiday. But, it also meant that we got to see a fireworks display over the river on New Years Eve at midnight! We focused on celebrating my birthday and New Years with lots of Southern comfort food and drink (with some strolls in between).

If you’re planning a visit, you’ll likely want to get out to nearby Tybee Island and add in some more cultural activities. But, if you only have a short time to visit and would like to partake in some debauchery then we’ve got you covered!

The commentary below was written for someone who had an upcoming visit to Savannah:

Getting Around

We found this simple map useful.


We stayed at Andaz Savannah. It was an available last minute deal with a great location. It was very upscale, and very nice. Would highly recommend.

Eat / Drink

In no particular order, you’ll get some Southern comfort food, good beer and cocktails, and yummy brunch to soak up all the alcohol.

  • B. Matthews. We ate lunch here shortly after arriving; it was good.
  • Jen’s and Friends. Has a million different kinds of martins. Must go here. Yum. 
  • Fiddler’s Crab House. This is located on the main River Walk. Would not recommend.
  • The Olde Pink House. Others have already said it, you must go here! I had the best fried chicken ever here. Reservations might be a good idea (We went for a super late lunch and got in.)
  • The Distillery. Beer. Lots of it. One of the best beer bars in the south east. A bit away from other stuff, but we did the walk more than once. 
  • Lulu’s Chocolate Bar. Yum, yum, yum. A desert place with drinks. I think they have more than just chocolate for the crazy people who don’t love chocolate.
  • Moon River Brewing Company. Near the River Walk. Nothing special but I guess it was ok.
  • The Cotton Exchange. Near the River Walk. Would not recommend.
  • Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. The south is about pralines. You’ll pass this place and others on the River Walk.
  • Bohemian Hotel Rocks on the Roof. They have a rooftop bar with a nice, upscale atmosphere. Drink the sweet tea. I think they are known for it.
  • Churchill’s Pub. Just a low-key pub.
  • J. Christopher’s. Brunch. Yum. So good and close that we went here every day.


Ummm… After the list above, does it look like we did much else beside eat and drink?!

  • A really quaint walking town. There’s Ellis Square and Colonial Park Cemetery. Just walk around the actual neighborhoods where people live and check out the architecture.
  • You will obviously walk the River Walk but I think it is kinda trashy and touristy. A must do but then go see the cute stuff.
  • We didn’t do it but there are lots of haunted tours (with various focuses).
  • Stuff was closed when we were there but there’s a good art culture (We only got to do the SCAD gift shop. Wah.).
  • And, a good book culture.

So, there you have it. That was the summary we wrote of our New Years weekend in Savannah, Georgia. We had a blast!


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