This car climbed Mt. Washington

May 28 – 31, 2010: In the United States, this past weekend was long holiday weekend for Memorial Day – a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered. We spent this lovely long weekend on a road trip to New Hampshire and Maine.

We had a really fabulous (and different) jam-packed weekend. The first part of the weekend we spent in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Here are some highlights:

  • We had tons of fun exploring caves at Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves in North Woodstock, New Hampshire! We walked down boardwalks, clambered over boulders, and squeezed through narrow passageways.
  • We swatted tons of gnats while we waited in line to zipline at Wildcat Mountain in Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire. It was entertaining but there are a lot of better places in the world to have your first zipline adventure. The mountains are always gorgeous though!
  • You know those bumper stickers “This car climbed Mt. Washington”? Well, we did it. We drove up Mount Washington in New Hampshire in my little Honda S2000 listening to the CD audio tour. We initially thought we were in big trouble as the fuel gauge dropped rapidly but, we soon realized it was partially due to the steep incline. We still coasted down the mountain in neutral and drove quickly to the first gas station.

We then headed to the Pleasant Point Inn (now Center Lovell Inn) in Lovell, Maine. From the website, we expected a lovely and quaint bed and breakfast built in 1911! We had also found this property map and this local area map created by the Pleasant Point Inn. The wall leading up to our room had the phrase “Sweet Dreams” painted on it. Our room was charming, cozy, and had a beautiful view overlooking the property, including the lake. All in all, it was indeed lovely and quaint and just perfect for a weekend retreat!

And… it was right down the road from Ebenezer’s Restaurant and Pub. Apparently Ebenezer’s is one of the best beer bars in the world and a major reason Michael was interested in this road trip. We spent many hours at this establishment enjoying fine conversation, food, and beer (did you know that you can purchase a $300 bottle of beer?!). We enjoyed it so much we even ventured into the cold waters of Kezar Lake for a midnight dip before going to bed.


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