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Cranberry Lake 50: Janacks Landing Campsite #37

Cranberry Lake 50 (yes, again)

In September 2022 – less than 1.5 years later and after two knee surgeries – I was ready to visit the beautiful Five Ponds Wilderness region in the Adirondacks and hike the Cranberry Lake 50 for a second time.

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Cowhorn Pond Campsite on the CL50

Cranberry Lake 50

The Cranberry Lake 50 is a beautiful and serene multi-day hike. It’s suitable for all skill levels and a great multi-day option for beginners.

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Fiordland National Park: by Land, Sea, Air, and Cinema

Around the world, Fiordland is most widely recognized for its astounding collection of fiords. Fiordland National Park is 1.2 million hectares of glaciers, alpine ranges, lakes, fjords, and rainforest environments.Β  Gain an understanding and appreciation of the vastness of this immaculate environment by land, sea, and air. Or, if all else fails, check Fiordland out

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