Finances: 2014 Road Trip Wrap-Up

Daily Budget for 2014 Road Trip: 210 USD per day

2014 Road Trip Average Daily Spend: 201.44 USD per day; 88 days total

201409-12 - 2014 Road Trip Total Spend

2014 Road Trip Total: 17,727.03 USD and 88 days

  • Accommodation: 2701.74 (30.70 per day)
  • Fun: 1683.65 (19.13 per day)
  • Food + Drink: 7506.19 (85.30 per day)
  • Transport: 5541.83 (62.98 per day)
  • Miscellaneous: 293.62 (3.34 per day)

Clearly, we splurged on food and drink! If you’ve been reading along, you would have expected this as we spent a lot of time eating out, exploring breweries (especially in California), and purchasing beverages to bring home.

Expenses and budgets tracked using Trail Wallet; we recommend this app – and you’ll be supporting fellow travelers! We also have comprehensive records and are happy to share additional details. If you have any questions, please ask!

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