2014 Road Trip Recap

We met Camper Dan on August 22, 2014 and departed on our epic road trip on September 15, 2014. Some road trip statistics and highlights include:

  • Number of days on the road: 89
  • Number of miles driven: 10,000+
  • Number of countries traversed: 2
  • Number of provinces visited in Canada: 2
  • Number of states visited in the USA: 25
  • Number of World Heritage Sites we marveled at: 5 (subset of purple markers)
  • Number of National Parks we marveled at: 13 (purple markers)
  • Number of breweries we drank at: 32 (orange markers)
  • Number of distilleries we drank at: 3 (orange markers)

Follow the whole road trip using the 2014 Road Trip tag and work your way through each post chronologically. Or, check out a few select posts:

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