Finances: April 2016

Daily Budget for 2016 Road Trip: 150 USD per day (75/day/person)

April 2016 Average Daily Spend: 166.09 USD per day (83.04/day/person)

Cumulative Average Daily Spend for 2016 Road Trip: 163.47 USD per day (81.74/day/person)

NOTE: Although we are over budget ($81.74 actual average daily spend per person) versus $75/day/person budget) at the end of the April, we’re not concerned because we’ve been in some cities (Asheville, New Orleans) where we expected to spend more money. We anticipate spending time in more National Parks and rural areas in the month of May and this will bring the budget back under control.

201604 spend

Expenses and budgets tracked using Trail Wallet; we recommend this app – and you’ll be supporting fellow travelers! We also have comprehensive records and are happy to share additional details. If you have any questions, please ask!

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