‘Merica continued (at the Hoover Dam)

November 20, 2014: The Hoover Dam is touted as an engineering marvel and is a symbol of American pride. And, well, it was… very American. Many of the tourists were an extension of a certain population visiting Las Vegas. See, once again, the definition of ‘Merica.

The whole project seems odd to me – the dam was built, after thirty years of thinking about the project, to stop the Colorado River from flooding Southern California so that the area could produce agriculture. It took five years to build. Seventy-five years later there seemingly are not any flooding problems but, instead, the area is in a seemingly perpetual drought. An unrelated interesting tidbit is that the sale of energy produced is able to cover all the operating costs of the Hoover Dam.

We lost an hour because of the time difference at the Nevada / Arizona border; and drove on to the Grand Canyon / Williams KOA for the evening. We’re getting closer to the Grand Canyon – our destination for tomorrow.


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